Lent Day 35

Day 35.

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Whenever I do a fast like this, there comes a time, without fail, that it becomes habit. As in, I don’t miss wearing jeans anymore. Now when I pick out my clothes in the morning it isn’t “what do I want to wear instead of jeans,” it’s “do I want to wear khakis or slacks today?”

Good thing too, since I realized today that Lent is 40 days until Palm Sunday + another seven days after that.

In other news, my life has gotten less crazy enough between an opening and rehearsal and dealing with way too many emails about ticketing that I was able to pull out the full seven photos this week (though don’t look at Day 30 too closely – I was wicked tired and it shows). As and added bonus, I actually have some non-Lent posts lined up for later in the week – yay!

In other other news, I need a hair cut. My hair flip is getting outta control.

In other other other news, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow, glory hallelujah!