Shabby Apple - Southwest Style

Remember a few weeks back when I said this sweater wasn’t my favorite, but that I’d probably wear it a ton anyway? While I still think it isn’t the most “me” thing I’ve ever made, I have been wearing it a lot, and as the frustration of making it has worn off, I’ve grown to really like it. It’s cozy and very versatile.

In this outfit, I paired it with another “out of my comfort zone” piece, the very red Red-Fox dress.

Shabby Apple - Southwest Style

I fell in love with the dress, and bought it even though as a red-head (ish- auburn really) I’ve always avoided red. My last attempt at styling this dress I shared didn’t quite work for me, the red/black was just too harsh methinks, but this “southwestern” take is a much better fit. The turquoise necklace hints at it, but if I had cowboy boots, it would be really southwestern.

Necklace: from my Mom

Cardigan: made by me

Dress: Red Fox by Shabby Apple

Belt: from my Mom

Shoes: Bass Outlet

Shabby Apple - Southwest Style

When you end up with items that aren’t in your usual style, how do you make it work for you??