Okay, so I think this weekend’s sewing project snags the title of the oddest thing I’ve sewn in my adult life.


Now, when I was a kid I used to take my Grandmother’s sewing scraps and use Scotch tape to make outfits for a stuffed bear at her house, but I never imagined that my supervisor at work would ask that I would make a seal bikini, but he did and here we are.


The swimsuited seal and her bowtied beau are the unofficial mascots for my company. The “Seals of Approval” if you will. You can’t say we’re without a sense of humor.

Seals of Approval

It all started with this photo of the view out of one of our office windows (not mine unfortunately), that I doctored up as joke

and it led to this:


So, what’s the oddest thing you’ve ever sewed??