Jack and Ms. CleaverHalloween 2009

Hi! I’m Leah B. Thibault (née Batt) and Ms. Cleaver is my nom de internet.

June Cleaver was the epitome of the Mid-Century stay-at-home mom, the one who vacuumed in high heels and pearls.

Ms. Cleaver is a modern lady: a full-time working mom, with a side-gig as a knitwear designer, and a deep appreciation for all things home and handmade. As such, this blog focuses on three things: Life, Craft & Maine.


From the very start this blog was designed to share the big moments and the equally special small ones in my life. Whether it’s the birth of my daughter (known around here as Little Miss Cleaver or LMC), a roadtrip out of state, or a simple stroll around the block, there’s beauty in all of them that deserve to be celebrated.


I come from a long line of crafty ladies. My grandmother and aunt both worked as Home Economics teachers, but it was my mother who got me started on embroidery and sewing and passed onto me a true appreciation for quality handmade clothing.

It’s clothing – for me, Little Miss Cleaver, and even occasionally Mr. Cleaver – that gets my crafty little heart beating. Whether it’s knit or sewn, clothes are my favorite thing to make and, of course, wear!

In addition to making things up for my little family, I have also been designing knitting patterns professionally since 2011 and often partner with Quince & Co. or Knitscene Magazine to publish my designs.


Though a native Californian (with the occasional stint in Oregon and Chicago), I’ve lived in the Great State of Maine since 2008. Though I’ll always be considered “From Away” – I have a great love for this place I now call home and I love to share some of the local gems I’ve experienced. And if you’re a reader visiting the Southern Maine area – drop me a line! I can offer can travel advice or maybe schedule a meet-up.

4 Responses to “About Ms. Cleaver”

  1. terry Says:

    From Chicago to Maine…oh good, I think I might of hit on the right blog. Hello! I am from central Il. a sustainable farmer with a beautiful becoming non-sustainable farm because of the economic pic and lack of beautiful details, truly the essential details I find in Maine. So-the reason I write…I’m moving, on, out, up, over to Maine. Soon. Taking two lovely college bounds girls with me…one an artist, the other a photographer. Me, an avid nature adorer,nuttier than a fruitcake adventurist spirited winch of a woman who never whines…ok, seldom whines.
    If you have one observation, one ounce of preventive moving advice from Il. to Maine- what would it be?
    Take all the time necesarry, who do I think I am bugging you at this stage while you yourself are trying to get a foot hold? I suppose I’m grasping at blogs…tired of looking at all the info on State of Maine sites, I need a connection, a human voice…and your wit hooked me. Thanks for your consideration…I’ll follow the blogroll as well. Take care-


  2. blackgirlinmaine Says:

    Nice blog, I actually am a native Chicagoan who moved to Maine 7 years ago. Its a lovely place though quite different from Chicago.


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