Last week was National Pie Day, so this past Sunday my knitting group gathered for our annual Pie Day celebration, but far more importantly, we invited a few more folks over and held a baby shower for Ms. Maggie.

Maggie’s expecting twins in the early spring, so we took the opportunity to shower her with pie, love, and handmade baby things!

As is now my typical baby gift, I made two sets of envelope tees from Growing Up Sew Liberated,  tag blankies from Simple Sewing for Baby and Made by Rae’s Basic Newborn Pants. All versions of things that we used/use often with Little Miss Cleaver and all of which, I seem to have forgotten to photograph, except for that glimpse of green corduroy above.

We ate pie, played match the baby photo to the party guest (harder than you’d think), opened gifts, ate more pie, and stenciled bibs and onesies.

Can I talk a minute about stenciling clothes? Why have I never done this before?! So fun.

I found a perfect Handmade Charlotte Woodland stencil collection and we used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint at Michaels. I’ll have to get a report back on how they hold up to washing, but having the stencils took the pressure off of a) coming up with ideas and b) having the skills to pull it off, that free-hand drawing would require. I kinda want to stencil everything now.

As per usual, the food was delicious and the versatility of pie continues to impress. There was veggie quiche, apple/cheddar/leek tart, mixed berry pie, cranberry custard, chocolate caramel, chocolate pecan caramel, as well as an array of other lovely snacks and  hors d’oeuvres.

Pie Day may be one of my favorite days of the year (especially in the midst of a cold January), but it’s even more fun when you get to celebrate a dear friend. Now to wait a few months for the little guys’ arrival!


2012-A-Year-in-Food.gifIn America, the National Pie Council (what, your country doesn’t have one of those?) declared January 23rd National Pie Day.

Being as we for some strange reason don’t get this as a day off, I had to do my celebrating yesterday in my now-traditional fashion, with a pie-luck!


I made a batch of cherry cup-pies and a chocolate/raspberry pie that I neglected to photograph.

(Note to all bakers out there, when making a recipe for the first time, read the whole recipes before the morning you attempt to make it. I neglected to do this and caught myself running out of time when I realized that my raspberry pie took FOUR HOURS to make due to refrigerating time for the different parts.)

I think I need to make cup-pies more often, they’re adorable and take only a tiny bit more work than a regular pie.

Egg Pie

As usual we had a range of savory, sweet, and tart pies.  A pie-luck requires at least three rounds to the table and generous amounts of tupperware for the leftovers.

Eating Pie

Pie Plate

We also got in a fair amount of knitting and Aimee, Chris, and Maggie split up several balls of Jamieson and Smith yarn for our sheep heid knit-a-long. (I’m spinning mine).

Sheep Heid Shares

Pie Carnage

So for those interested, here’s a run-down of the pies (if I forgot any my apologies!):

  • Savory
    • Red Lentil & root vegetable pot pie
    • Goat cheese and leek egg pie/quiche
    • Pizza Pie
  • Fruit-Based
    • Apple Cranberry
    • Cranberry Pear Shortbread
    • Cranberry Sage
    • Cherry Cup-pies
    • Chocolate Raspberry
    • Apricot Cheese
  • Cream
    • Chocolate Satin
    • Butterfinger

With all the leftovers I ended up with – I’ll be celebrating pie all week!!

So the day after I moved in, I naturally invited a bunch of people over for my second annual National Pie Day celebration, like you do.

Karen & Chris

Maria & Bristol

There were knitting quizzes and pie trivia!

There were door prizes!

There was much tea consumed!

There were rows knitted!

And there was a pie per person! (and some creme brulee that snuck in, but who can complain?)
Dessert Pie Sampler

Pies!(Counterclockwise from bottom right: quiche (egg pie), shepherd’s pie, vegetarian shepherd’s pie, banana’s foster pie, cherry cream pie, spinach feta and phyllo pie, lemon meringue, and s’more pie.)

In other news, it’s -10° F outside, but the house is warm and there were a pair of beautiful cardinals chirping outside my living room window as I ate my breakfast this morning.


And I have a bunch of leftover savory pies for my lunch. Not a bad start to a cold day!!

Sewing the Bias Tape

One of my new year’s resolutions was to sew more and since Jan first I’ve managed to finish four – yes four! sewing projects.

For being one of the slowest sewers I know,  this is unheard of.

There are two main contributions to my productivity

  1. I bought a 6-foot folding table, which means I no longer has to do all my fabric cutting/set up on the floor. I also means I can leave my stuff out instead of having to pack it up between sewing sessions (thanks to a very gracious Mr. Cleaver, since my sewing nook is in our bedroom).
  2. I have embraced the quick & dirty sewing project.

I’ll admit that I have a strong preference for garment sewing over craft sewing, particularly if that garment comes with a large number of pintucks/pleats/darts/gathers/buttonholes or other lovely details that inevitably make the project take forever. That said, of the four projects only one was a garment (which I’ll post about in a few days – let’s just say today is my MIL’s birthday and we’re celebrating later in the week due to the crazy weather we’re having).

The other included a cheery bunting and table runner set for my pie potluck.

Triangles all made!

The bunting was roughly based on this tutorial, while the table runner was improvised to use up all (and I mean all) the scraps from the bunting project. The with the runner I threw my perfectionist tendencies to the wind and eyeballed and zig-zagged my way to a cute little decoration.

Table Runner

My quickest project was this 5-minute flower brooch I whipped up last night on a whim and that totally brightened my day today as I wore it.

Gingham Brooch

Of course all this rapid-fire sewing wasn’t without its trials: I broke my seam ripper a few weeks back, so any undoing was a challenge and there was a lot of undoing because my sewing machine seems to be firmly set against doing anything other than a straight stitch in a forward direction – any attempts to back stitch or zig-zag generally were followed with bobbin-rethreading and mild curses.

I’d take any recommendations for possible repairs, but this may be a sign that it’s time for me to upgrade from my little $78 dollar sewing machine. So I’ll also take any sewing machine recommendations. 🙂

According the American Pie Council, today (Jan 23) is National Pie Day . Loving all things pie the way I do, when I read about this in a magazine back in December, I knew I had to celebrate. So I invited all my knitting friends over for a Pie Day potluck!

Seven People, Nine Pies

We had a meat pie, chicken pot pie, two apple pies, a blueberry pie, a lemon meringue pie, a turtle pie cream pie, a chocolate pie/tart, and some cherry cup-pies (which I’ve wanted to make every since cup-pies were mentioned on the tv show Pushing Daisies). It was a yummy pie-extravaganza!


Eating Pie


Knitting Time!