Cross Stitch Stocking in ProgressWaldorf DollCross Stitch Stocking in Progress
Waldorf DollCross Stitch Stocking in Progress

Waldorf DollThe end of summer came all too quickly this year bringing with it big changes (LMC started daycare two days a week) and big deadlines (knitting and day-job related), and the sad realization that I should have taken more days off of work. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all and have found some soothing simplicity in hand-work. Setting all knitting aside for a a few weeks, I’ve been focused on my cross-stitch, and this newly finished Waldorf Doll for LMC. At other times, I would find it all a bit tedious, but for me, for now, it’s just right.

What do you turn to when you need some quietude in your life?


Anything need persuading out there?

Gathering up her Tools

What's a Level?

Little Mechanic

Little Mechanic

Little Mechanic

Raised Garden Bed Frames

A Dog in his Domain

Raised Garden Bed Frames

We Can Do It!

We took advantage of decent weather and a long weekend to get some yard work done. Mr. Cleaver mowed the lawn, Little Miss did lawn mower maintenance (it’s electric and I’d highly recommend it), and Steinbeck keep guard. Meanwhile, I put on my best Bobby C. shirt,  pulled out the tools, and put together two very long overdue frame for raised beds.

When we first bought our home 3 1/2 years ago it came with a big above ground pool and accompanying deck. As much as I love to swim, neither Mr. Cleaver or I had any desire to maintain an above-ground pool, so in our first year of ownership we put the pool and the deck up for free on Craigslist and got someone to take them off our hands. We cut back the weeds and (mostly) leveled the soil. Then with pregnancy and new babies, I didn’t do much in the garden at all.

But this year, with a helpful little assistant to keep tract of all the hand tools, we finally got it done. At least the frame building bit. Now I just need to get some dirt, and plants – but oh to have a vegetable garden again! I so enjoyed it back when I had a community garden plot. It’s a bit late to start anything from seed, but if memory (and a blog post) serve me well, I’ve still got time to put some plants in the ground and get a decent harvest. Now to decide what to plant!



My final design in the Strata and Line Collection is Latitude, a cozy and simple sweater coat.

The coat is worked from the top down with round yoke shaping and a bit of waist shaping. The buttonholes are worked with the rest of the body, while the oversized collar and cuffs are picked up and worked after in the striped pattern (though you could always knit separately and seam on if desired).


The sample features Quince & Co’s Puffin yarn in a range of seaglass blues. This fluffy single-ply yarn makes the coat super warm and cuddly.


As a sweater coat, Latitude was designed to be worn with approximately 2″ positive ease. The modeled shots show the coat with about 4″ of ease. For comparison here’s a shot or two of me wearing it over a 38.5 week baby bump and 1-2″ of negative ease.




Latitude is available for download as a solo pattern for $6.00 USD or can be purchased from my Ravelry store with my other two designs from the collection, Longitude and Lamina for a discounted $12 with the coupon code LINE.


$6 USD

If you want to queue it up on Ravelry, the collection can be found here.

Our first nursery furniture purchase


Painting done!

Nursery painted

A baby thing or two


The nesting instinct is strong in the Cleaver household these days.

Things are beginning to come together in bits and pieces. The nursery got painted this weekend, we’ve ordered new carpet to replace the mismatched (and smelly!) carpet in all the bedrooms, and have even purchased (or made!) a few things for the Wee Babe. Once the carpet is installed next week, we’ll be able to start setting up the nursery for reals, and not just on paper.

With about 9 weeks to go before my due date, it seems both like time is going by way too fast and not nearly fast enough. I’ve definitely hit the tired and uncomfy part of the third trimester, but there’s still so much to do! That said, one thing I’ve learned to appreciate about this pregnancy is that it’s forced me to just SLOW DOWN and rest when I need to, something I’ve never been terribly good at.

After all, my most important job these days is gestating, and I seem to be doing pretty well there. 🙂

30 week, 3 day bump


Oh hey there blog. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you. It’s just been a long quiet summer. I watched a lot of dvds (The Poseidon Adventure really holds up by the way and my love for the X-Men cartoon survives unabated), but for the past month or so, I didn’t really do much of anything I’d call “blog-worthy.” But fall is quickly approaching here in Maine and the Cleaver household is getting back into the swing of things.

First stop? Ricker Hill for our annual apple picking adventure.


On our 4th year out, my love for this place is still strong, as the doughnuts are still delicious, the views wonderful, and the apple selection top-notch.  We picked a half-bushel and a peck of MacIntoshes, McIntoshes, Cortlands, and my personal favorites, Jonagolds. I see a pie-making afternoon in my near future.



The weather was sunny and crisp, just like an apple-picking day should be.

Steinbeck was super-helpful.



We came home happy, tired, and full.  Though I might have been a bit more tired than usual, but that’s only because gestating a tiny human being is hard work……

Yep – the Cleaver’s are expecting!

While I couldn’t come up with any cutesy blog announcement photo theme (they are seriously not kidding about that 1st trimester fatigue), both the Mr. and I are super excited. I’m about 12.5 weeks along and am due in late March. So expect many photos of tiny baby sweaters soon. I imagine it’s going to be a busy fall!



The heavy weight of decision becomes even more weighty when it’s in bulky. 🙂

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve made my choice, but which would you choose?